ARES Potenza

ACTRIS Data Centre node for aerosol remote sensing profiling (ARES)

The ARES data centre unit provides data curation and data processing service for aerosol remote sensing data coming from lidar and photometer observations. This includes centralized data processing, data storage, recording of metadata in a dedicated RDBMS (Relational Database Management System), traceability, harmonization and data versioning, quality control, documentation and data provision. The unit allows for RRT and NRT data provisioning and offers support and training activities.  
The primary objective is providing access of high quality and document datasets of the aerosol optical properties vertical distribution in the whole troposphere and upper stratosphere with high temporal resolution. 
The ARES DC unit is built on the heritage of the EARLINET data base infrastructure. The ARES infrastructure is maintained by the National Research Council of Italy in Potenza where this node is physically hosted. CNNR coordinates also the activities of CNRS within ARES, which is responsable of the combined lidar/photometer retrieval. 

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