CETEMPS Atmospheric Observatory - University of L'Aquila

The activities of the CETEMPS Atmospheric Observatory are distributed across two adjacent sites in the mid-mountain region of the Apennine chain: on the outskirts of the city of L’Aquila and in a neighboring rural area. 
Main available instruments: 
Multi-wavelength Raman lidar 
Balloon sounding station 
Multiwavelength photometers 
UV pyranometers 
Cloud radar 
Wind lidar 

The specific role of the CETEMPS Atmospheric Observatory mainly concerns the Profiling of aerosols and clouds: 
Optimization of aerosol profiling. 
Improvement of instrumentation, standardization, and quality assessment. 
Exchange of expertise. 


Staff and Expertise (September 2023): 
Vincenzo Rizi, full professor. Responsible for the CETEMPS Atmospheric Observatory, with main expertise in LIDAR remote sensing and its applications for atmospheric physics: calibration and validation of ozone and aerosol satellite observations, study of polar stratospheric clouds and the stratospheric ozone layer, optical properties of aerosols, tropospheric clouds, atmospheric monitoring for detection of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays. 
Marco Iarlori, graduate technician, with advanced skills in atmospheric remote sensing techniques with lidar, particularly in numerical inversion procedures and data analysis, and the use of sounding balloons. 
Raffaele Lidori, senior research fellow, with specific expertise in advanced instrumentation management. 
Saverio DI Fabio, senior research fellow, with specific expertise in advanced instrumentation management. 
Alberto Cirella, technician, with skills in analog and digital electronics to support experimental activities. 
Emanuele Avocone, PhD candidate. 
Andrea Balotti, PhD candidate. 

Capabilities and Future Projects: 
CETEMPS is involved in the implementation of project activities with the Atmospheric Observatory, partially contributed to by ground-based remote sensing activities, satellite observations, and in-situ observations. 

National and International Collaborations and Partnerships: 
Noteworthy are the participations in international collaborations and observatories: 
CTA, Cherenkov Telescope Array (https://www.cta-observatory.org/about/array-locations/la-palma/), La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain. 
PAO, Pierre Auger Observatory (https://www.auger.org/), Malargue, Mendoza, Argentina. 
AERONET (https://aeronet.gsfc.nasa.gov/


  • PI: Vincenzo Rizi, vincenzo.rizi at univaq.it 

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