DVAS Potenza

DVAS Potenza – ACTRIS Data Discovery, Virtual Access, and Services

The DVAS (ACTRIS Data Discovery, Virtual Access, and Services) unit is responsible for organizing access to measurement data from the topic data center units and documenting procedures to support National Facilities (observation and exploratory platforms). The DVAS unit provides the ACTRIS web interface for data download, services, and digital tools, and also performs the production of Level 3 data and synergy data products. 
The DVAS web interface, known as “The ACTRIS Data Centre,” includes a searchable metadata catalog and other services. Key activities involve the discovery and access to ACTRIS data and data products, an overview of digital tools provided by topical centres and data centre units, documentation, software, and tools for data production. Visualization of ACTRIS data products is included. The production of Level 3 data utilizes advanced multi-instrument synergy algorithms, long-term reanalysis, modeling, and satellite data and sources. These can be produced within the DVAS unit, topic data centre units, topic centres, or external contributions. 
All partners involved in ACTRIS DC are part fo DVAS bringing its specific expertise and knwoledge. 


– Dr. Lucia Mona: lucia.mona at cnr.it

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